Bathroom Renovation - Hazlet NJ

by Joel Braun Construction

These before, during and after photos show a new, larger bathroom. The house was in bad shape when the job was quoted but we explained to them that once we started work, issues would probably be discovered and sure enough there was water damage, mold, fire damage (from many years back) and wood eating insects destroyed ALL the framing!

We renovated and reconfigured everything. The original bathroom area was a small 5'x5' bathroom that had a tub, tiny sink and toilet. There was an adjacent closet used as a pantry. We decided to eliminate the closet and make one larger bathroom which is now about 5'x10'. We reconfigured the layout and added a separate standup shower. The tub now sits where the closet was. We moved the toilet forward to the other side of the window, put a vanity where the sink was and put a nice neo angle shower where the sink used to be. We also moved the entrance door to the bathroom so that the shower could fit. All new framing, plumbing, electric, floor joists, sub floor, insulation, Lolly columns in the basement below to support the bathroom because the wood eating insects destroyed the area.

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Demo and During Reconstruction


The work:

If pictures aren't enough, listen to Rose's testimonial!

Rose is thrilled about everything in her new, bigger bathroom.

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